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PON-PoE switch will set off a revolution in the field of network monitoring


The development of technology and the diversification of demands have led to the development of high-definition, remote, and networked video surveillance. As an organic combination of vision and network, video surveillance conveys important information in people's daily life in an intuitive and real-time manner, providing great help for people to take corresponding measures. Today, video surveillance has gained a lot of applications and popularity, but it faces many challenges. 

What is PON? 

In fact, as early as many years ago, telecom operators chose to use PON to solve the problem of fiber optic resource shortage. This not only gave full play to the bandwidth advantages of optical fiber, but also improved the reliability of the network. This technology can also be applied to security network monitoring. 

The advantages of PON in monitoring 

PON technology has proved to be a very cost-effective way to monitor access, and it has always been regarded as the future direction of access network development. It can effectively solve network monitoring bandwidth bottlenecks and distance limitations. Because the entire network is passive, the number of devices in the network is small, and electromagnetic and lightning interferences are completely avoided. The reliability is better than that of active devices. With single-core optical fibers, half of the fiber cost can be saved, and the investment cost of the entire optical network is low. Improve the ultra-high bandwidth, meet the demand for high-definition monitoring; further increase the transmission distance.

The PON-PoE switch is a perfect combination of PON technology and PoE technology. It can be described as "strong and strong," and gives full play to each other's advantages in monitoring. It solves the problems of intensive and complicated monitoring points in modern cities, difficulties in power acquisition, and fiber optic resources. Network morphology, optical fiber resources, video quality, reliability, and other aspects have unparalleled advantages, not only providing better access solutions for the development of video surveillance services, but also greatly promoting the rapid development of high-definition network monitoring. Set off a revolution in network monitoring.

The main products in N-net  include: commercial/industrial fiber media converter series, commercial/industrial fiber switches, GEPON series, fiber video converter series, EOC series and the security monitoring core system, etc.

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